My experience with marketing started early and began with a volunteer position I held with the YMCA in the 90’s. Sure it’s easy to advertise a product, seed reviews, etc… though the largest challenge was figuring out how to have a one to one conversation with a potential donor/sponsor, building a solid team of volunteers, and creating a value proposition for giving something valuable away for free. This proleptical exposure has fed almost every professional endeavor, and continues to inform how I approach new clients, one-off projects, and creative opportunities.

My overall approach is unique and sometimes unorthodox – I see everything from the top down and appraise each moving piece within a given scenario. I look deeply at the brand, its reach, depth of consumer/user understanding, and see how that vision aligns itself with the efforts put forward by the business owners as well as the employees. The overriding question is always whether or not the business as well as their customer or client base is passionate about the service offering, environment, and path the business takes to communicate themselves.

Organizations that have engaged my skills in social, direct, and email marketing; brand management/recognition, and communications are –

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